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transforming lives

Everyday, all over the world, there are people waking up to a tormented and/or purposeless life. These uncounted thousands of lives are crying out for change, for peace, for help, and for their lives to have meaning. Many feel displaced and even invisible in their own environments. They sense that somewhere there is hope—something greater within themselves to be explored and lived, but they don’t know where to start.


Whether it is healing needed from trauma, help needed for navigating life and its processes, a guide for maximizing our potential, a need for a spiritual overhaul, or transformation for the soul, Transforming Lives with Prophetess Rein is dedicated to helping believers answer two important questions that are critical to their faith and destiny. Those questions are “Who am I?” And “Why am I here?”


Within the exploration of these two questions lies some of the most profound mysteries and discoveries about who God is, how intentional God is, and what it means to be a literal word out of God’s mouth. “Say Something,” “Help Me Stand," and "Authentic Worship" are three segments that deal with healing from trauma and suffering, understanding God and what is commonly referred to as “the process,” and what authentic worship actually is, Whether you are a devoted church goer or searching spiritualist, there is an opportunity here—within this ministry to be changed, to be helped, to be healed, and to become.

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