Say Something Campaign

Nothing haunts us like the things we don't say...

Say Something is a campaign that encourages others to put voice to their pain with the end goal of healing, transformation, and discovering destiny. Not only is it a campaign, it’s a movement where Prophetess Rein is bringing women and men together from all walks of life to share their stories of their “transformation for the soul.” Prophetess Rein has her own story of overcoming trauma having been prostituted at the age of 5, molested from the ages of 5-12, raped at 14, in domestically violent relationships as early as 17, had two abortions, became bulimic and suicidal, and suffered a sexual identity crisis that led to brief stints with sexual identity crisis, serial dating, and sexual promiscuity.


In her own words: “Talking about all of this was not something I originally wanted to do. I grew up in church. If anybody was on the fast track to becoming a ministry prodigy and preaching machine, it was me. I had all of this keen insight and supernatural knowledge that made me a stand out, but I was still invisible. I was in pain. I was living a tortured life. Can you imagine being saved and called at 7 but you’re being molested at home? Everyone sees the signs but avoids the conversation. AlI I needed was an interruption to the pain that no one would offer.


Not talking about any of it forged an intrinsic lie about my worth, and forged a path that was intended to destroy me. Sure, I cried out, but no one listened. My voice wasn’t valued anywhere I went. With “Say Something,” I want to be in an inspiration—a living, breathing experience of what transformation— transformation of the soul looks like. Bringing these men and women together to speak about their traumas and how they overcame them is going to be a powerful motivator for others to “say something.” I anticipate a massive healing movement that is going to change the course of many lives forever, just as God did for me.”

Contact us for more information on how you can get involved.

Rein Wallace Ministries International is a ministry founded to globally teach kingdom principles, to encourage and foster personal growth and development of relationship and intimacy with God, and through that teaching and encouragement (and by providing the necessary tools for life application), seeing those we serve move from information and exploration into their divine destination.

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