This is War!

If we understood that our existence is a divine deployment, and each assignment has its own battle instructions/strategy, how much of the world around us would change? You might think that you are "just" called to open a school, write a book or song, preach that sermon, or start the nonprofit, but your very existence and everything God places on you to do is battle strategy against the enemy, and is meant to snatch something out of his dirty conniving little hands. Yep! YOU... and that thing you keep delaying, denying, or running from has far greater implications than you know. Ok, not every one of my blog readers is running. But you should still know that you are indeed a divine force to be reckoned with.

I remember hearing God say to me, "You are My deployment." Admittedly I didn't readily understand it. In the last blog we talked about creation, and being a Word out of God's mouth, so if you didn't catch that one, you'll want to refer back to it to further understand this one. Understanding that my life is purposed to participate in the war between God and satan in whatever unique way God chooses through me, helped me later understand the term deployment. As I said last blog, it took a bit of time for me to see myself as something so high and necessary. Most of us weren't taught to think this way.

I pictured the army and the process of enrollment. I pictured boot camp and all its training, and then I pictured a soldier getting that call that they are being deployed and may be fighting in a war. That's not so different than what God does with us. Boot camp is our process. Deployment is stepping into the assignment. We may not have physical guns locked and loaded or even the trauma of a real life war, but answering the call invites spiritual warfare nonetheless.

As God was dealing with me about this, He started talking to me about how casually we tend to behave spiritually. We can know the thing we are called to do, but halfheartedly do it, or perform based on our own agenda. We forget sometimes that our lives don't belong to us. Everything we do as we walk in our purpose should be done by His orders without compromise.

He gave me the example of the preacher because I preach. Not all preachers behave this way, but I am sure you have seen some of what He is discussing here. He said, most times, I am trying to have a specific conversation with the people, but the preacher is off subject following his or her own creative content or agenda. It's not always bad content, but it's not always my desired content. They seem to forget that the believer is in a war daily--contending to maintain their faith. For the preacher to be more consumed with their own agenda, is to send the sheep into battle unarmed. Inspiration is good, but it should never override seeking! The believers should be well prepared for most of what is to come because the deliverer should be hearing, warning and sharing.

Another aspect God downloaded is about restoring the fallen. The enemy hates anyone walking in divine destiny. His goal is ultimately to discredit God. He could care less about the vessel. When believers fall, other believers are quick to gossip instead of pray. If we truly perceived ourselves as soldiers in a war, and sought God appropriately, our discernment would be sharpened, we would be praying more offensively and less after-the-fact, we would throw no one way, or write anyone off, no matter how long they seem to stay bound.

The point here is this. This is war! We are in warfare. No part of our existence should be taken lightly, no assignment should be taken lightly. Daily worship and time with God and in the Word should not be haphazard or optional. When we see every moment as God deploying us for a battle, it will change the way we handle Him and it will humble us.

Yes, that book is a deployment. You have no idea who it will help, heal, or how it will impact history later, even if through one leader. That position on that job is a deployment. Your presence, even when you don't go to work to preach, pray, or prophesy, should still exude something higher is at work in us, and because of our presence and intercession, that company should thrive. When God says pray for or heal that stranger, that is a deployment. When God says, "Yes. Marry him or her," that is a deployment. When God sees fit to birth children through you that is a deployment. Whenever we do anything related to the will of God for our lives, we are acting as a deployed soldier obeying orders, which will ultimately result in a battle won, even if we don't get to see the end results.

What God asks us to do always has greater implications beyond us. When God asked me to write my first book, "I am not Garbage," I had no idea it would heal and transform me so completely, that God would use it to send me out, elevate me as a Prophet, and call me forward to take that same healing and transformation all over the world. It was just a book that I didn't want to write, that exposes a lot of my dirty laundry and trauma (but doesn't stop there) and that is still blessing, inspiring, and transforming others some nine years later and counting.

I was not trained to see things this way. You most likely weren't either. I challenge you to shift your perspective of who you are and all you do for kingdom. I challenge you to think higher and pray higher. There is so much God wants you to know.

For those of us in purpose, let's remember to not lean on our own understanding. God doesn't need bartered elevation. He works by the principle of seeking and "due time." Not every good thing is a God thing. In all things we must seek for what He has to say, otherwise our guard is down.

I am reminded here of one of my favorite bible stories where the Amelekites attacked Israel. Moses had to climb the hill and raise his hands over the battle. As long his hands were raised Israel prevailed. When he tired and dropped them, Israel would lose. Sometimes the assignment is an uphill journey, and then we are expected to stand and raise our hands over it and never tire. The raising of the hands is a sign of surrender. It is a reach up that pulls down kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. When we tire of the sacrifice, we open ourselves up to so many possible dark things, and we carry all those in our charge right along with us. The inability to maintain the posture of surrender is the assurance the battle will be lost.

We don't just give out. No. Sometimes we adultery out, we drug out, we pride ourselves out, we opportunity our way out, and even compromise ourselves out. The enemy does not play fair. He will cozy up to you and try everything he can to get you to self destruct. You're not just on your own when you are deployed. The consequences of forsaking to seek reach far beyond just us. Remember, the enemy's job is to discredit God, and when we give him the inroad to us, he can have a field day doing so.

If you take nothing else away from this, remember there is a war going on in the unseen realm, and we must do our best to be prepared and ready soldiers when that deployment call comes in. Every assignment from God is a type of deployment. No assignment is minor or mediocre. Most assignments won't even make sense because His ways and thoughts are higher, and you'll most certainly never be able to see the fullness of its impact. But it will travel into the future and bless generations however God chooses to manifest that.

I'll close with this. There is the story of a young man who became depressed and ran away from home. He spent his days living under bridges, scrounging for food, and most of the time talking to himself and out of his mind. One day a servant of God was eating lunch at a local diner when this young man walked by. He heard the Holy Spirit say, "Go talk to and pray for that man." He quickly called for the check, left the money on the table and hurried after the young man. Not knowing what to say, he leaned on the Holy Spirit to give him the words. The young man was so moved that anyone was even willing to offer a hello to him in that state, that he eagerly turned his attention.

They sat on a nearby park bench and just began to converse about life. It turns out the young man ran away from a fairly wealthy household because he had seen too much lust for money and corruption. He was a witness to so much evil and wanted no parts of it. One situation allowed his family to turn a blind eye to a horrific crime, which caused the young man to snap. The servant of God listened until he heard the direction to pray. Obeying God, he took the man's hands and earnestly prayed everything he heard. The young man found himself weeping and surrendering.

They committed to stay in touch and the servant of God gave the young man his card. He walked away elated by the young man's transformation, and for the most part thought nothing else about it beyond sharing that experience with his wife and family. Several months later the servant of God received a call from a complete stranger indicating he wanted to thank him for spending that day so many months ago with his son. They agreed to meet, and to the servants surprise, the father had been looking for his son and had been grieved all the years of his departure. He said he wanted to do something special for the servant. The servant immediately began to reject it, assuring the father he was just obeying God.

Not taking no for an answer, the father took out his checkbook and wrote a check, placing it folded on the table before walking away with tears in his eyes. Sitting alone now, the servant opened the folded piece of paper and fell backward in the chair. The man had written him a check that would change his life for generations. He had been praying for the resources to launch a ministry, move his family, and not be burdened financially. One conversation shifted that man's life forever.

As for the young man, they met up again a few years later at a conference. He was now the head of the business he had run away from, an avid believer, and he was using the source of what had caused him so much pain to be a kingdom financier.

The moral of the story is not about doing what we are deployed to do for the benefits. The servant honored a deployment that saved a soul, raised up a man from being out of his mind, placed him back in position, and reset his agenda to build kingdom ministries and finance kingdom conferences and assignments by scholarship and free will giving. A man that had given up on life was restored and now making other's dreams come true that will impact generations.

Don't take any deployment lightly. Don't turn a deaf ear. This is a war for souls and assignments to take by force everything the enemy has stolen. Whatever you are called to do, do it with urgency and excitement-- understanding that this one assignment will change history in some way forever!

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