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Relationship Matters

Throughout life, we seek out meaningful relationships. We look for and invite intimacy, we long for mutual love and respect, and have multiple reasons why certain types of relationships mean so much to us. The one relationship that is meant to govern all other relationships we encounter, is the one we often neglect the most. Fundamentally, we as believers maintain a connection with God, but that is not the same as deep intimacy. Do you really understand how your intimacy with God can and will impact this entire generation, and generations to come?

I have never seen myself as much until quite recently. I used to believe that I was just average with a drive to succeed. God downloading me for me that I am a Word out of His mouth is still taking quite some getting used to. But it is that realization that has driven me closer to Him. I used to hear the older saints tell me all the time that I needed a prayer life. I had some understanding of why they said it, but I wouldn't get the full understanding until much later in life when I was really ready to say yes to God on a deeper more committed level. I hope to break some things down for you here to spare you the upset and the trouble later.

First, when you think about say... an intimate romantic relationship, you try to do your best to be available to them as much as possible. New love is exciting and makes us giddy, and we often want to see how far this new prospect will journey with us in life. That said, oh honey we will make ourselves available won't we? I teach it all the time, but we will stay up until 3am, "You sleep?" "No you sleep?" Insert short dozing and a few snores here and there. When we see them, we are sure to look our best (starting out anyway), and we will avail ourselves to as much personal time as possible. Why?

When the heart and soul are hungry, like a wailing infant, they require feeding. We are looking to fill our lives up with whatever is missing, most of the time at all costs. It is inspiring to have love in our lives in a variety of relationships from romantic to parental. The absence of relationships are quite often the source of loneliness and depression. If pressed, we may even be able to provide an entire presentation on what having certain relationships in our lives might mean to us. Relationships are powerful and have powerful impact on us.

I can't answer why we would go through all that for romantic love or friendship but not for God. Before you say, "But I do go all out for my relationship with God," keep reading, and if you're still sure, hallelujah! Perhaps, our perception is the problem, we don't often see or feel as if God is that close to us, and often when we think of intimacy, we want something more tangible.

Remember I said, "Relationships are powerful?" No truer statement! Think about what great intimacy does for you mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Powerful right? With God, relationship with Him has even more powerful implications!!!

Everything begins with first understanding that our existence is divinely orchestrated. Be warned, you will hear me say this a lot. It's a revelation that we must get and get again and again until we eat, sleep, live, and breathe it, and are motivated by nothing else but it. So I will teach this until I am blue in the face, we are a word out of God's mouth!

To understand that, you have to go back to the beginning. Don't worry not that far back. But if we consider all of creation and those powerful Genesis stanzas that recall everything God created from fish to human kind, it's awe inspiring. What's unfortunate is that we behave as if creation has stopped. God had a plan for the earth and its inhabitants that was hijacked by satan. The initial goal was a human species that populate the earth, mirror heaven, anf have children raised in the fear of Him. But it had to be our choice.

Not all of us were divinely created. Some are just here. Satan is a mimic. These are people that were never meant to enter into the kingdom. He knows them too. Those of us that have found our way toward God, did not just do so because it just happened. We were always meant to. God makes Himself available to anyone that will embrace Him, but trust me, He is not in heaven shocked by anyone that finds Him or rejects Him. Again, He is preeminent and all knowing, even though we behave as if He operates in the moment. He knew we were coming because we were destined to. Everything that God speaks has a responsibility to perform, and everything He initiates is already endowed with all the power needed to accomplish His will.

Consider the concept of light. It began as a thought in God's mind. When God said, "Let there be light," He didn't also say and it should travel at this frequency, illuminate this much, be this blinding, or this warm. What God intended for light was activated by just the one sentence, "Let there be light," and light came forth as everything God imagined it should be without fail. That same concept applies to you. Am I guessing? No way! In Jeremiah 1:5, God specifically states, "I knew you before I formed you in the womb" and told Him what He specifically set him apart to accomplish. Pay close attention to the language. He knew us, which means we were an entire lived out life in His mind. There was relationship even if as a thought in His head. Then He formed us in the womb. Just as He formed the earth, as He spoke the oceans and divided night and day, He formed you, and He expects you to be His harvest--one of His great and mighty productions.

Here is where relationship matters. Over and over again, we are taught to seek. What does that mean? It means to relentlessly pursue God non-stop. Why, because of Kingdom. What is kingdom? His will on earth as it is in Heaven. That applies to me personally? YES! There is a will that God wants accomplished in the earth through you that is His divine will for earth in heaven. We are not separate. The problem with seeing ourselves as separate is that we often lean on our own understanding. We pursue everything but destiny. We even invite in the wrong relationships and sometimes marry wrong. Everything God does is intentional. That includes YOU. So let's recap. First we must shift from believing that God created and endorses everything we enjoy or that humans produce, and we must shift from believing God created us all. Those are the important distinctions we should make.

Now, what does it mean to have a relationship with God? The same as it means to have a relationship with other humans. That same attention to Him, that same intimacy building, that same relentless pursuit and making ourselves available as often as we can is how we enter divine relationship. Most of us focus on relationship when services are happening or when there is a need for something. Would you believe a man or woman really loved you if the only time relationship mattered to them was on a set schedule and when there was a need? Probably not. Most rational thought would suggest we should expect more. In fact, we tend to complain and question when we feel neglected or disregarded. I can only imagine How God feels.

Why does all this matter? Glad you asked! Take in all I said above. You are a word expected to accomplish an intended will. Wherever He chooses to you, you are expected to perform. Idf we don't chase after Him by staying in the Word, praying for its revelation, and spending time in personal communion (prayer) with Him, how will we ever advance His cause? How will we ever become? If we are not becoming what He intended then what are doing except wasting time, energy, and space? We are a literal deployment. I'll address that in another blog. We have an assignment that requires we draw close enough to hear what it is, and then we cannot stop there.

As we draw close to God (and this is what most desire to avoid), God not only communicates the future, but He begins to deal with us in the now. Whatever barriers and idols are in His way, He removes. Whatever low thoughts exist, He corrects. Whatever is broken, He heals. All of this builds up or trust and confidence in Him. Sometimes it does mean giving up the things we want most, but that doesn't mean God does not our needs (and yes some wants) His way. We run from process because we are often sketchy about what He will want to deal with. We prefer the ignorance of the unknown because we will have to be accountable to what He reveals. All of this is an attempt of satan to keep you from your highest self, which is meant to disarm him and snatch something from him and from his control. Your lack of intimacy is a great service to him.

Sometimes we tend to write off the purpose of intimacy with God as He is a jealous God. That's true in context. There shall be no other God before Him, but why? He isn't some jealous lover scorned by your rejection. He knows the plans He has for you-- plans for your future and a hope. He set you apart for a victory that will make history. He wants Himself demonstrated in the earth through you and the kingdom citizenship expanded because of you.

Since the fall of man, there has been war waged between God and satan. Just as God dismantled satan's authority with the introduction of Jesus Christ (the most familiar name most know), He is doing the same with the introduction of you. Satan's job is to undermine that and keep you from this knowledge so that he maintains control of whatever you're called to conquer, however God chooses to work through you. When we avoid intimacy with Him, we cost the kingdom lives, and we allow hell to reign. This is why the enemy likes to keep up self centered and bound. An unveiling of us is all out destructive to hell!

When Satan raises his fist against you, he raises his fist against the throne of God. In fact, his issue is not with you. His agenda is to try to undermine the ultimate plan of God. God promises the comeback and the ultimate destruction of him. That said, when you catch this revelation, it makes us fraudulent worshipers when we know to seek, now know why it's so important, yet fail to do so.

Your relation with God is meant to impact the world. It could be as "simple" as "write the book. That book may not be a best seller in your lifetime, but if it written with divine instruction, ity could change millions of lives later. I didn't know Myles Munroe personally. I had not even heard of his books. His works didn't enter my life until a while after he passed away. His books came to me at the beginning of my journey when I needed an understanding of what Kingdom was so I could seek it. Being called as a prophet/apostle to the nations, that seed in the earth of His book opened up worlds of revelation to me that are an extension of the conversation God started having with Myles way before my time.

Maybe to you, the nonprofit is not that big of a deal, but it could the nonprofit that opens up a door for the next world hero. Maybe the song does not mean much to you, but like "Oh Happy Day," and "Changed," it could be the song that sparks the world's attention or inspire the next world changing songwriter. Don't compare yourself to anyone. Discover your lane and fall in love with it. Everything God does is valuable and necessary.

The part of life and existence that you are predestined to influence needs you NOW! This generation needs you now. No, we aren't taught to see ourselves that way, but authentic committed relationship with God opens our eyes. I am not gassing you up. Your existence matters, but you need to be awfully and wonderfully close to God to walk it out in all the power and authority He has given you. Time with him allows you to explore you and become.

Actions to take

* Commit to a designated amount of time in prayer and the Word daily.

* Ask God who you are and why you are here.

* Journal what He speaks and pray for the confidence and courage to live it (you may be tested).

* Check your life for blockers. What's keeping you from time with Him? Begin to remove those things where possible. Trust me, if you don't God will.

* Understand this won't be easy. Until now, satan wanted you to believe God was not for you. Once you discover that was a lie, he will still do all he can to fight you. Fight back with diligent seeking of God and daily word and worship.

* Do not forsake time in the Word. It is how God speaks, and how God confirms, reveals, and explains. You NEED the Word, and you need your daily dose. You will just know what to read.

Prayer Points

  1. Greater revelation of who I am and why I am here

  2. Greater understanding of who you are (this will be tested. We learn by experience)

  3. Blueprint for my life

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If you have enjoyed this blog, please share it and leave a comment. God bless. Be strengthened and empowered on your journey!


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