How Deep is your Love

If you ask, many will tell you they feel they are deep in God. If as many of us who said this actually lived it, wouldn't there more demonstration of God in the earth? We can be different than we were yesterday or even years ago, but that doesn't mean that we aren't still surfaced. Facts: We haven't even scratched the surface of what depth in Him looks like.

So what is depth? How does it look? How do I know if I have taken the plunge or if I am still stepping forward only to draw back so the waves won't caress my toes? I've been scuba diving. I remember the feeling of being so overwhelmed as I stood on the sands of the ocean "floor" looking up at coral reefs that were like sky scrapers from that position. Even still, as much as I explored, the hour I spent down there, and as far as I swam seeing all I saw, I was only about 30 meters down! More professional divers swim down regularly at about 100 meters, and still they remain at the upper reaches of the ocean. The ocean has such depth that no matter how deep you think you are swimming down you're still just a few reaches from the top. It's the same in God! The more you think you grasp enters the realization that you've grasped almost nothing --- just a miniscule piece of Him compared to all that's left to take in.

Depth is not how much Greek or Hebrew you know. Depth is not defined by eloquent speech or even the few revelations we are blessed to receive from the throne. It's not musing over the abstract mysteries of God or even in angelic encounters. It is about entering into a deepening personal relationship with God in which we seek to know as we are known and allowing that revelation to touch and transform the deepest parts of our being. It's stepping away from what we perceive as satisfaction for greater satisfaction, only to still not be satisfied. It's not a social media post. It can only be defined as an encounter or series of encounters that shifts our entire being and leaves us craving more.

It's almost inconceivable, but you can certainly sense where it doesn't exist. It's not possible to be deep and petty, deep in insecure, deep and nasty, deep and purposeless, and the list goes on. That is not to say that we don't have human moments, but the content of our character should be regularly good.

The closest encounter biblically that only minutely scratches the surface of depth is the Apostle Paul. There are others indeed, such as Moses, but there is something I draw from in the Pauline encounter, and that is that he was stopped on a road. If ever I could try to describe in language what depth feels like, I can tell you that it begins with being roadblocked. We travel along a continuum until there is a collision at just the right time with all of the divine realm that course course corrects and illuminates. It is all consuming and burns away while it transforms. It breaks and it bruises, bit still soothes and gives solace. It's the storm and the calm. It's the loud discomfort and quiet peace. It is something so magnificent and terrible all at the same time. It makes one completely dissatisfied with superficial shallow things. It unveils an importance and an urgency that can't be shaken.

God who holds the world in His hands invites us to go deeper beyond contentment. The Spirit of God “searches all things, even the deep things of God” (1 Cor. 2:10).  In Romans 11:33 Paul describes the depth of His wisdom and ways as “unsearchable” and “beyond tracing out.”

Depth in God defies the natural mind's discovery. It is experienced as we wait before Him determined to be unmoved until we get a glimpse. It is experienced when the need to prove ourselves is replaced with a heart that is completely and totally His to be seized, searched, repaired, and soothed. It is experienced in the insatiable appetite for Him and the unquenchable desire to be alone with Him. It's felt in the wind and the song, experienced in nature and saturates our atmosphere. We become unpackaged, undone, and unraveled just to dressed again by Him.

Depth is totally becoming and not settling for religious ceremony. It is relentlessly forging a different path than the herd without any foresight-- just faith that something greater in you exists. Depth is climbing up so far into God that you come down knowing exactly who you are and why you exist. It's a necessary journey that those of called according to His purpose must take.

So I want to challenge you to explore how deep your love for God is and how far it encourages you to swim into Him. There is so much more to discover and therefore so much more to share in the earth. To be deep is to be His character, and we are all at different places on that road. Our encounters will be different. No one person is better than you because they see angels or get stardust in their Bibles. That's a piece of God He served of Himself to them. What are you sharing for show and tell? What is your demonstration of Him?

Press in. Draw close. And draw closer. Repeat.


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