We Bring Help to Life.

There really is a better way--a divine way-- to live life on earth. What would change for you if you knew why you existed? Life has no natural handbook, but there IS a blueprint; a plan all laid out for you, and I want to help you discover how to access it and how to walk in it. I also want to give you practical wisdom and winning strategy for how to transform your mind and your life by discussing a variety of issues and exploring what our Creator really wants for you. You are a Word out of the mouth of the Divine--intentionally sown into the earth as an answer to something. Let's discover together not just the meaning of life, but the meaning of YOUR life.

Rein Wallace Ministries International is a ministry founded to globally teach kingdom principles, to encourage and foster personal growth and development of relationship and intimacy with God, and through that teaching and encouragement (and by providing the necessary tools for life application), seeing those we serve move from information and exploration into their divine destination.

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